Cassandra -
Background & Philosophy

I am a holistic nurse and a wise woman doula. Birth is my passion and I seek to integrate all traditions of healing into my work with birthing women. 

CassandraI graduated from nursing school in 1999. Since that time, I have been studying women’s health, birth, spirituality, and healing. As a nurse, I have a background in maternal-child health, including labor and delivery, pregnant and parenting teens, public health/family planning, and maternity nursing education. My passions as a nurse have been labor support, education, advocacy, and counseling. I believe that you must care for the whole person including their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. I have completed programs in lactation education and herbalism, as well as, apprenticing with licensed midwives offering home birth. In addition, I can offer acupressure for labor and birth.

My journey as a doula began while working as a labor and delivery nurse and has unfolded and evolved ever since. The real turning point came in 2004, when I attended my sister as a “doula” at the birth of her first child. I am a midwife at heart, and as a midwife, I choose to be “with women” as a doula. I believe that every woman holds the wisdom of how to give birth within herself. I am here to be a woman’s guide, helping her to connect and stay connected to her own inner birth wisdom. As a doula, I hold the space for a woman to unfold and birth in her own unique way. I have been attending women regularly as a doula since 2007.

I have the unique ability to draw on the art and science of my nursing background and combine that education and experience with a passion for the normalcy of birth and trust in women’s ability to give birth. I believe that women give birth best where they feel safest. I am here to support a woman in her birth process, wherever that may be (home or hospital).

It is my deep honor to attend women in their most vulnerable and most powerful moments.  I am thankful to all my clients, for allowing me to support them in and bear witness to the beauty of childbirth.


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