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Staci Lewis- first baby, hospital birth

Cassandra, or Cassie as we call her, is my older sister and was a great help during the birth of my first child, Alexis. She was a wonderful advocate to me and my husband during the entire birth process. Anyone who is a first time mom can understand the excitement and fear of the unknown…because lets face it no matter how many books you read, videos you watch or birthing classes you attend, when it comes right down to it and you’re in hard labor or when it’s actually time to push a human being out of your own body…you need some real, tangible support. Although my husband was an amazing support person during labor and delivery, he was also going through many different emotions, as he had never experienced this process either. Cassie was extraordinarily helpful throughout the entire labor and delivery. She brought fresh perspective, new and accurate suggestions, and a calming presence into the birthing room.

pregnantI had a wonderful experience and I attribute much of that to my sister’s expertise and many of her labor methods. One such method that Cassie practices, is acupressure and it worked like magic for me. My labor had been progressing fairly quickly, but began to slow down once I was 7cm and 50% effaced. The nurse said that it would most likely be at least 4 hours. I was becoming increasingly tired and began to get discouraged. Cassie suggested that we try some acupressure to move the labor along. She began to work on a few different pressure points. In about 20 minutes my husband actually had to go find the nurse because I was feeling intense pressure and the urge to push. When she examined me, she was shocked that I was already 10cm and 100% effaced. Originally my husband and I thought we just wanted Cassie in the room during the labor but not the actual delivery. However, at the last minute I asked her to stay and she happily agreed. It was extremely reassuring to me that she was in the room…she even took the first pictures of my husband and I with our brand new beautiful baby girl.

NewbornShe spent much time helping us to prepare for the birth we wanted and she personally helped to ensure that the birth experience followed our wishes as closely as possible. Cassie’s calm energy, extensive knowledge in this field and her genuine love for the entire birthing process was a priceless gift for my husband and I. It is so nice to look back and know that the experience that I dreamed of and anxiously anticipated for 9 (ok…10) long months was exactly how I dreamed it would be…and I attribute much of that to the advocacy and strength that Cassie brought to the table.

Staci Lewis, daughter Alexis born in the hospital on 11/27/04

“Thanks Auntie Cassie” – We love you! Love, Alexis


doula Cassandra


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