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Kelly Camarda - first baby, hospital birth

When I became pregnant with my first child, I knew I wanted an unmedicated birth, if at all possible. When thinking about labor, I always thought that my husband should have the job of "coach", but it wasn't until I watched a video about doulas that I realized that my husband, being a first-time father, would feel as if he were in unchartered territory, just as I would, during labor, so how could I expect him to feel comfortable being a solo coach?

After searching for doulas, I found Cassandra. Her background as a labor-delivery nurse was initially appealing to me, but after speaking and meeting with her, her personality made me immediately feel safe and at ease. She lent me any books from her library that I wanted, was always willing and eager to give me further information (so that I knew all options) on outcomes from my pre-natal appointments, and helped us with our birth plan.

When I went into labor, she came to our home, stayed with me and traveled with us to the hospital, and was there until the end. She was a calming, reassuring voice during the hard labor, stayed with us after birth to help with breastfeeding, helped us get settled in our mother-baby room, and stayed for several hours after the birth of our son, just to make sure we were all settled before she left. The next day she called to make sure we were still doing well, and came by to visit us.

I cannot say enough about the quality of her services, or her character. She obviously loves what she does, does it well, and is a caring human being. I really felt like I had a friend with me, and I don't know if I would have had the birth I wanted without her. My husband and I have already said that we want her with us the second time around!

Kelly Camarda, son Andrew born in the hospital on 12/3/07




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